Hampton Hargreaves / Design for Print, Packaging and Interactive

Lanikai Brewing Co: Four Seasons

Hampton Hargreaves designed these special edition labels for LBC's partnership with the new Four Seasons Resort Oahu at Ko Olina. The resort wanted to bring authentic Hawaiian beer to its guests. As one of the island's first breweries to brew 100% of their beer locally, LBC was a natural choice.


HH developed simple line art illustrations, including a depiction of the famous Mokulua Islands and the well-traveled Route 70 bus line. The result was a label that clearly stands apart from other Hawaiian beers that typically rely on tribal art or painterly scenes.



The rest of the layout was kept clean, allowing the landscapes to really shine. Secondary elements like the flavor profile and serving suggestions were restrained to the label's side panels.


Premium labels make all the difference... another killer design.

Steve Haumschild — CEO & Brewmaster, Lanikai Brewing Co.