Hampton Hargreaves / Design for Print, Packaging and Interactive

Tommyknocker Brewing

Tommyknocker is an award-winning craft brewery nestled in the beautiful Rocky Mountain town of Idaho Springs, CO. As craft beer boomed, Tommyknocker's previous image started to show signs of age. HH created a new identity and packaging system for the brewery from the ground up, featuring a modernized version of their iconic mascot.


The Tommyknocker is a mythical creature believed to inhabit the mines of Colorado. Seen by some as mischievous thieves of food and tools, and by others as guardian angels, the legend was intrinsic to the brewery's identity. We breathed new life into the character by commissioning a new illustration, dramatically updating the mark's style and versatility.



The brewery's historic location inspired the packaging's rustic look, which features hand drawn lettering and graphics meant to mimic the many carved wood signs and facades found throughout the town. A modern spin is found in the reduced color palette, which uses vibrant hues to help the beer stand out on store shelves.


...a very well executed redesign. I love the minimal approach and hand-drawn type.

Harvey Shepard — Oh Beautiful Beer


Character Illustration: Von Glitschka