Hampton Hargreaves / Design for Print, Packaging and Interactive

Bixbi Rawbble

Rawbble represents a significant innovation in food for dogs — raw, USA made and sourced food in a convenient kibble format. The benefits of kibble are known, but the benefits of raw are still unfamiliar to most. With this in mind, Hampton Hargreaves created a design that would emphasize the food source with simplicity and style.



HH commissioned a series of original illustrations featuring heirloom-variety livestock and fish. These unique visuals convey the product's natural origins and purity while lending color and texture to the package.



The packaging is intentionally clean and minimal, allowing the artwork and flavor indications to really shine. In a market where complexity is commonplace, Rawbble immediately stands apart on store shelves.


It immediately stood out, without sacrificing any of the messaging that’s so important to consumers.

Todd Rowan — VP of Sales & Marketing, Bixbi



With a lengthy list of features and regulations, the back of the pouch required extra attention to ensure customers could quickly navigate it in stores. HH met these challenges across 4 flavors and 3 package sizes, all while maintaining a consistent and attractive layout.


We had a vision in our head, but the final result exceeded it.

James Crouch — CEO & Founder, Bixbi