Hampton Hargreaves / Design for Print, Packaging and Interactive

Buckley Ruff Puffs

Hampton Hargreaves helped Buckley introduce a new and distinct category of pet snacks. As one of the first puffed products on the market, Ruff Puffs' packaging aims to capture the unique, light, flavor-packed crunch of this novel treat.


We created a design that is clean, bright and spacious — capturing Ruff Puffs' light-as-a-cloud spirit. Combined with a custom product mark, the result is a bag that stands apart from everything else on the shelf.



Unlike most pet treats that rely only on a product photo or window, HH created a design that would honor Buckley’s quality ingredients and flavor development through the use of simple, appetizing food photography.


Retailers are interested in Ruff Puffs the second we show them the bag.

Rachel D'Agostino — Director of New Product Development, Buckley