Hampton Hargreaves / Design for Print, Packaging and Interactive

Gilligan's Packaging

After working with Gilligan’s to establish a unique identity, Hampton Hargreaves was asked to develop a fun and flexible packaging system for their inventive sorbets. We threw out their old cardboard container and decided to bring Gilligan's vivid colors to the forefront, creating instant shelf appeal.



With dozens of flavors, but a small print budget, Gilligan's needed a single template that could be customized as needed. With this in mind, HH developed a universal shell that can be passed through a home printer, allowing Gilligan's to output an infinite number of flavors.




Sorbet is traditionally seen as fancy and formal. To counter this, the design combines vintage typography, subtle patterns and form elements to create a farm and garden-inspired design that has a premium yet approachable feel.




By introducing a clear glass jar, the incredible colors of the sorbets speak for themselves and help to reinforce flavors on shelf. The glass also evokes the quality of a bygone era and encourages customer reuse.



Customers are drawn to the jar — they see the color and texture and choose Gilligan’s. Since its launch, sales have dramatically increased.

Ann Gilligan — Founder, Gilligan's Sorbet